Trubarjeva cesta (“Trubar Road”) is dynamic, but at the same time a little elusive, it changes character as you walk along it.

Its beginning is in the very centre of Ljubljana, coming off Prešeren Square with it’s grand old buildings, such as the Central Pharmacy and Urbančeva hiša (Emporium), and then, with a slight bend, it turns into a busy street lined with bourgeois houses.

It continues to change with every gentle turn. The houses get smaller, the homes and workplaces of artisans, craftsmen, traders from earlier times, where the butcher and leathermaker once reigned.

In the middle, where it again makes a slight turn, it climbs slightly and once again there are tall building, with blocks built in the socialist era, opposite the legendary Rog bicycle plant, now long closed for business. It ends with the mighty church of St. Peter, when Trubarjeva meets Zaloška cesta.

If you can imagine yourself traveling along this road, then know that Trubarjeva is one of the longest in Ljubljana. It is also one of the oldest, first mentioned as St. Peter’s Road, or Šempetrska, in 1802.

The fact that it is road and not a street is important, because for many years it was the main way to enter the centre of Ljubljana, and thus had the power to influence the events there in a special way.

And even today, a new wind is still blowing along Trubarjeva and changing the life of the city.

It attracts lively people of all religions and ethnicities, who are able to work and live together.

This idea of mutual support is something that drives our group, which we called Trubarjeva at your fingertips.

This is a community of "Trubarians" from the intersection with Resljeva upwards, in which we have found strength and a vision to stand together and do a little more for our home.

We want everyone to recognize it as a place of tolerance, relaxation, reciprocity, uniqueness, inspiration, and, last but not least, of various pleasures, all of which is a great source of price for those of us who live and work on Trubarjeva.

It is a safe shelter where you can count on the help of your nearest neighbour and enjoy the varied, colourful events created by both long-term residents and fleeting passers-by.

Welcome to Trubarjeva.